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Health Centre Information - HSE - North Dublin

Swords: Swords Health Centre, Bridge Street, Swords, Phone 01 890 2200
Malahide: Malahide Health Centre, Main Street, Malahide, Phone 01 845 2076
Balbriggan: Balbriggan Health Centre, Hampton Street, Balbriggan, Phone 01 883 4906
Skerries: Skerries Health Centre, Thomas Hand Street, Skerries, Phone 01 849 4862
Donabate: Donabate Health Centre, St. Patrick's Terrece, Donabate, Phone 01 843 6079
Portmarnock: Portmarnock Health Centre
Rush: Rush Health Centre
Navan: Navan Health Centre
Santry: Santry Health Centre
Ashbourne: Ashbourne Health Cenbtre
Drogheda: Drogheda Health Centre
Dundalk: Dundalk Health Centre
For more information HSE Health Centre Information go to HSE Centres - North Dublin 

Citizen Information Centre - North Dublin

Fingal: Fingal CIC. Unit 26 The Plazea, Main Street Swords. Phone 0761 07 7510, Email
Swords: Swords CIC. Unit 26 The Plazea, Main Street Swords. Phone 0761 07 7510, Email
Malahide: Mialahide CIC, 2nd Floor, Malahide Library, Malahide, Phone 0761 07 7480, Email
Balbriggan: Balbriggan CIC, Town Hall, St Georges Square, Baslbriggan, Phone 0761 07 7450, Email
Skerries: Skerries CIC, 13 New Street, Skerries, Phone 0761 07 7500, Email
Finglas: Finglas CIC, 1B village Centrre, Finglas Village, Finglas, Phone 0761 07 7360, Email
Ballymun: Ballymun CIC, Ballymun Library, Ballymun road, Ballym,un, Phone 0761 07 7320, Email
Santry: Beaumont CIC, Beaumont Pastorakl Centre, Montrose Park, Beaumont, Phone 0761 07 8150, Email
Portmarnock: Portmarnock CIC
Rush: Rush CIC
Navan: Navan CIC
Ashbourne: Ashbourne CIC
Drogheda: Drogheda CIC
Dundalk: Dundalk CIC
For more information ion Citizen Information centeres go to 

Treatment for Depression

Getting the right treatment for depression is so important! On any level, depression is no laughing matter. Some people suffer from such severe cases of depression that suicide seems to be the only viable solution.To Find the Right Treatment for Depression you Must First Understand it. Before a person can find the right treatment for depression, it would be imperative to understand what it is and how if impacts life. It is important to understand that everyone feels down or sad at some point in life but when a person feels despair and hopelessness, it means something far more serious is going on. Read More

Sexual Difficulties
Sexual problems are defined as difficulty during any stage (desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution) of the sexual act, which prevents the individual or couple from enjoying sexual activity. Sexual difficulties may begin early in a person's life, or they may develop after an individual has previously experienced enjoyable and satisfying sex. A problem may develop gradually over time, or may occur suddenly as a total or partial inability to participate in one or more stages of the sexual act. The causes of sexual difficulties can be physical, psychological, or both ... Read more

Internet Addiction Test
How do you know if you're already addicted or rapidly tumbling toward trouble? The Internet Addiction Test is the first validated and reliable measure of addictive use of the Internet. Click here to read the study. Developed by Dr. Kimberly Young, the IAT is a 20-item questionnaire that measures mild, moderate, and severe levels of Internet Addiction. Click here to take the test.

Internet Addiction: Your Questions Answered
Internet addiction is a serious health problem affecting people from all walks of life. In this groundbreaking book, Dr Jamie Wilson answers questions that millions of people worldwide are asking themselves as they, their loved ones, peers, or co-workers struggle with internet addiction.
Based on extensive research of the actual questions that affected individuals ask themselves, their peers, families and co-workers, Dr Wilson has mined the latest clinical research, technology trends and his own experience as a clinical psychiatrist treating individuals with internet addiction ... Read More.

Valued or Devalued as a Person
It does not matter what age you are or whatever situation you find yourself in, you, like most other people, need to be valued and value other people ... Read More 

 Financial Decision Making In Relationships
Psychotherapists writing in Psychology Today about financial decision making in relationships suggest that people deal with money in different ways. There are hoarders, spenders, avoiders and worriers ... Read more

Decision Making - Causes of Stress and Anxiety
Decision making is the study of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values and preferences of the decision maker ... Read more  

Relaxation Response - How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety
The relaxation response is opposite to the body's stress response. Relaxation is one of the best natural remedies for anxiety. Here's how relaxation works to manage stress symptoms. ... Read more  

Managing Stress - The Relaxation Response
In a recent feature I discussed the fight-or-flight response which involves the autonomic nervous system preparing the body to fight or run. This response is behind many of the effects of stress on our mind/bodies. I also presented diaphragmatic breathing as a technique to help manage stressA look at another technique to help manage stress - the Relaxation Response ... Read More 

Sleep Paralysis - Awake but still Asleep.
A person may wake up and find himself unable to move or speak as if he is frozen. He also may hear footsteps, see a ghost-like creature, or feel someone sitting on his chest. Throughout the history, people considered this phenomenon as work done by evil spirits. However, the modern science can explain the terrifying event as a Sleep Paralysis ... Read More  

Counselling for Jealousy Issues
Jealousy is a complex emotion that people can experience from early childhood throughout the rest of their lives. Feelings of jealousy may be either positive or negative. Both the perpetrator and the recipient of jealousy can experience the negative consequences. The person feeling jealous of another individual commonly denies this emotion. A typical reaction is: "Who, me? I'm not jealous!" Denial of the feeling of jealousy can lead to self-defeating behaviors that others might overlook. Read More 

To be Loved is to be Known and to Be Known is to be Loved
To be known is to be loved and to be loved is to be known. And, otherwise what is the point in doing either one of them in the first place? I want to be known. . . (from the video below “Woman at the Well”). Do you feel known? Truly known by another? Do you yearn for that. Do you yearn for the kind of love that knows you through and through, a love that doesn’t hesitate despite anything it finds in you. Recently, I discovered this powerful video and was reminded of the stunning truth about your deepest longing for unconditional love. The dramatic poetry presentation is based on the historical event recorded in John 4—Jesus’ conversation with a woman at a well in Samaria. The woman was startled when Jesus broke cultural taboos to ask her for a drink. The poet in the video gives voice to this Samaritan, an outcast, deemed unclean. Do not miss this video. Watch it. Then watch it a second time. Let the truth of it sink in. This is not just an interesting philosophy, this is reality! ...

Anger management tips: 10 ways to tame your temper.
Controlling your temper isn't always easy. But these effective anger management tips will help give you the upper hand. Do you find yourself fuming when someone cuts you off in traffic? Does your blood pressure go through the roof when your child won't cooperate? Anger is a normal and even healthy emotion... Read More  

Pornography Addiction Recovery.
Once we realize the harm that pornography addiction can cause and face the fact we're suffering from this addiction, recovery is something we're willing to struggle through.  This article, the last of three, is devoted to recovery from pornography addiction.  If we think porn is harmless or that we don't have an addiction, these steps will seem pointless.  But, if you know you have an addiction problem and are willing to work, this article will set you on a clear recovery ... Read More 

Self-Abuse, Self-harming and Self-Injury Prevention.
Self-harm as a way of communicating emotional distress, whether that distress is sadness, anger, fear or self-loathing. In this way of communicating, the body becomes a 'notice board' where the scars and wounds reflect the pain or distress the person is feeling. This is usually because the person cannot 'verbalise' their emotions. The problem with using this way of expressing yourself is that very soon you will only communicate your feelings this way, that you will never 'talk' about your feelings. You have to want to stop self-injury before you can get on the long term road to recovery. If you are not yet ready to quit completely, that's ... Read More

Pornography Addiction.
Porn addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. Millions of people around the world struggle with overcoming this powerful vice once they acknowledge they have a problem. Its been compared to cocaine addiction because of similar neurochemical activity in the brain. Many people reach a point where they need outside assistance to overcome these addictions. The only problem is not everyone has access to someone who can help nor do they want anyone to know they have this problem ...Read More

Understanding Bipolar Disorder Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment of Manic Depression.
Bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression) causes serious shifts in mood, energy, thinking, and behavior–from the highs of mania on one extreme, to the lows of depression on the other. More than just a fleeting good or bad mood, the cycles of bipolar disorder last for days, weeks, or months. And unlike ordinary mood swings, the mood changes of bipolar disorder are so intense that they interfere with your ability to function.During a manic episode, a person might impulsively ... Read More

Married men who are involved in pornography feel less satisfied with their conjugal relations and less emotionally attached to their wives. Wives notice and are upset by the difference. Pornography is a visual representation of sexuality which distorts an individual's concept of the nature of conjugal relations. This, in turn, alters both sexual attitudes and behavior. It is a major threat to marriage, to family, to children and to individual happiness. In undermining marriage it is one of the factors in undermining social ... Read More

Internet Addiction: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, and Self-Help.
So what is healthy and what is unhealthy Internet use? There’s no easy answer because each person’s Internet use is so different. You might need to use the Internet extensively for your work, for example, or you might rely heavily on social networking sites to keep in touch with faraway family and friends. Spending a lot of time online isn’t necessarily a problem. But if you’re neglecting your relationships, your work, or other important things in your life, than you may have a problem with Internet addiction. Regardless of the name — Internet addiction, compulsive Internet use, problematic or unhealthy computer use — if your online activities are getting in the way ... Read More  

Antidepressants: What You Need to know About Depression Medication.
If you’re suffering from major depression, antidepressant medication, used under the guidance of a mental health professional, may relieve some of your symptoms. But antidepressants aren’t a silver bullet for depression. Medication doesn’t cure the underlying problem and is rarely a long-term solution. Not only do antidepressants come with significant side effects and dangers, but recent studies have also raised questions about their effectiveness. Learning the facts about antidepressants and weighing the benefits against the risks can help you make an informed and personal decision about whether medication is right ... Read More

Stress Management Resources from Mind Tools.
We all know the feeling of sickness in our stomach before an important presentation or performance. We also know how excessive pressure can undermine our ability to perform well in these situations. There have been many different definitions of what stress is, whether used by psychologists, medics, management consultants or others. There seems to have been something approaching open warfare between competing definitions: Views have been passionately held and aggressively ... Read More

Reducing job stress by taking care of yourself.
When stress on the job is interfering with your ability to work, care for yourself, or manage your personal life, it’s time to take action. Start by paying attention to your physical and emotional health. When your own needs are taken care of, you’re stronger and more resilient to stress. The better you feel, the better equipped you’ll be to manage work stress without becoming overwhelmed.Taking care of yourself doesn’t require a total lifestyle ... Read More

Fatherhood: 100 Ways to be a Better Father.
Fatherhood is a tricky proposition. We all want to be great dads, but chances are, our fathers never sat down with us and taught us how to be one. And we don’t necessarily want to be our fathers. We want to emulate their positive influence on us, but we also want to do it our own way. And because children tend to spend more of their time with their mother, not being the greatest dad ever isn’t as obvious. There are at least 100 ways you can improve and be a better father. No matter who we are, though, we can always improve ... Read More 

Ten Ways to Be a Better Father.
In recent years, much of the debate over today's family crisis has focused on menor more specifically, the lack of positive male role models. It is true too many fathers are absent and are not taking responsibility for their children. There are, however, many fathers who are bravely trying to live up to their high calling. As a husband and father of four, here are ten principles that I have learned over the last 20 years of fathering ... Read More

How to support Expectant Fathers During Pregnancey.
Pregnancy can be an exciting time for both the expectant mother and the father. While no one doubts that an expectant mother needs support during the pregnancy, it is sometimes forgotten that the expectant father needs support too. If you know an expectant father, here is how you can support him ... Read more on support instructions 

Understanding being an Effective Father.
Understanding what makes for an effective father can help the caseworker work with a father around setting goals and objectives and assist both the caseworker and the father in understanding when progress has been made. Helping men understand what an invaluable and irreplaceable role they play in the development and lives of their children can lead them to make a greater commitment and investment in their family ... Read More

Fathers and Post-Natal Depression.
Fathers’ own depression is also an issue for concern, not least because of its potential to exacerbate maternal depression. Although pregnancy is a period of greater stress for fathers than the post-birth period ... Read More

Fathers and Their Impact on Children's Well-Being.
A noted sociologist, Dr. David Popenoe, is one of the pioneers of the relatively young field of research into fathers and fatherhood. "Fathers are far more than just 'second adults' in the home," he says. "Involved fathers bring positive benefits to their children ... Read More

The Impact of the Mother-Father Relationship on Child Outcomes.
One of the most important influences a father can have on his child is indirect—fathers influence their children in large part through the quality of their relationship with the mother of their children. A father who has a good relationship with the mother ... Read More

The Impact of Fathers on Psychological Well-Being and Social Behaviour.
Even from birth, children who have an involved father are more likely to be emotionally secure, be confident to explore their surroundings, and, as they grow older, have better social connections with peers. These children also are less likely to get in trouble at ... Read More

Mental Health Issues.
When a person develops a mental health problem, they may isolate themselves from close relations, making communications more difficult and family relationships strained. Mental illness may develop slowly over a period of months. Family members are usually the first to notice significant changes in a person's behaviour. Early intervention ... Read More

Men's Psychological Well Being and Mental Health Resources.
The issues of men's mental and psychological health and well-being are receiving high media attention and are being given a high priority by health agencies. The years of adolescence and young adulthood are ones of upheaval, change, and growth. How you meet the challenges of these years will to some extent determine your future life. Learning the skills needed to handle emotional problems will give you a foundation of mental and emotional health. Emotional health has many aspects. Put simply, it is based on self-esteem-how you feel about yourself ... Read More


Fathers and Sons: Changing the Rules of the Game ... Wellness Centre.
The role that fathers play in their sons' lives is a critical, universal one. Research in psychology has explored the impact of the father on child and adult development. Sociologists have studied the changing role of the father in social and cultural contexts. The men's movement has put effort into bringing healthy and mature masculinity into men's lives ... Read More

Most men are embarrassed about depression ... Depression Clinic.
The Depression clinic reports that two in three men are embarrassed to talk about depression, while one-quarter view it as a state of mind rather than a medical condition, new research has shown ... Read More 

Counselling 4 U Registered Counselling Service.

James McDonagh Registered and launched Counselling4U  'for you' and Counselling4Men 'for men' Counselling & Psychotherapy services from Glenmore House in Swords, North Co. Dublin. Counselling 4Men - for Men provides counselling & Psychotherapy to address men’s mental health problems, while supporting men with counselling. All too often men, when faced with alcohol addiction, relationship failures or financial difficulties loose hope and resort to suicide as a means of escaping their difficulties.



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